Available in the UK from Aspire Pharma, Gatalin XL is a once daily galantamine treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia. Gatalin, galantamine XL, galantamine prolonged release, galantamine 8mg, galantamine 16mg, galantamine 24mg, galantamine, Alzheimer’s disease, Alzherimer’s dementia, dementia, branded generic, category C drug tariff galantamine, Aspire Pharma, UK. Gatalin XL is a galantamine prolonged-release capsule available in the UK from Aspire Pharma as three strengths, 8, 16 and 24 mg. Gatalin XL can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia. By prescribing Gatalin XL the NHS could save 50% of their prescribing costs for galantamine XL.

Gatalin XL offers significant savings to your practice and clinical commissioning group (CCG).

Typically, generic products are listed on category M of the UK Drug Tariff. On patent expiry of the originator product, the market price declines significantly and savings are eventually passed on to the practice or CCG.
However, category C Drug Tariff products are often more difficult to manufacture and their reimbursed price remains the same whether it be an originator product or generic. Galantamine 8mg, 16mg and 24mg prolonged-release capsules are in category C of the Drug Tariff.

Revision reference – Gatalin XL_21_11/01/2019